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07/03/2015 06:09 pm
Markeyruiz97 :

*Have to use a program to bypass the autoban*

Pouetpu, I think it would have worked better if you gave the mods an IP ban function over autoban, autoban bans so many innocent users. Even if you did want autoban back you should at least give the mods or 09dhowell a way to remove users IPs from the autoban...

Oh and here's a suggestion, you should have a whitelist of allowed emails (as what 09dhowell said) if you do hope to stop the temporary email hosts.

07/03/2015 05:54 pm
Mario Blight :

Pouetpu, when we asked for an IP ban, we didn't mean an automatic one that we can't fix. We meant being able to ban a certain IP from making troll accounts by ourselves.

07/03/2015 05:52 pm
Mario Blight :

Lord J has now also been banned from Autoban.

07/01/2015 09:15 pm
Popthatcorn14 :

Markeyruiz97 has been banned, Maryd4 has been banned, and Jacobcamo has been banned due to your auto banning. These are users who were doing their own thing until you added auto banning. I'm getting fed up with you not fixing it yet, add a whitelist that prevents unfair bans and spam accounts.

Listen to us for once, will you? Look at where your site is going without listening to your Moderators. If you don't think i know what i'm talking about, i clearly do, why else am i telling you?

Auto banning is not stopping spam accounts being made. If you want your site to die, your choice.


P.S. Due to you not updating your site too much, most users here are rallying to move to another site called Pouetpu Custom that has an active Webmaster who updates his site a lot, unlike you. Heck, even 09dhowell runs it too! But yet, 09dhowell can't run Pouetpu-Games as Admin/Webmaster?

06/30/2015 04:50 pm
09dhowell :

Markeyruiz97 got auto banned from the site, every time he logs in he gets banned again, this auto ban is worse than last time, it shouldn't be possible for a permission 2 user to get auto banned. We unbanned him at least 5 times and he is still locked out of PG because every time he tries to log in it auto bans him. This auto ban needs to be fixed, we mods should have a proper IP ban and we need a whitelist of allowed email addresses to stop all these 10 minute mail hosts.


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