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Pouetpu-games admin.
Super Mario Flash creator.

Status : Webmaster

Age : 28
Location : Canada
Levels : 1
Rates : 180
Website : try tha guess
Fans/Friends : 1751

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05/21/2017 03:43 am
pouetpu :

Moderator :

-Moderator do not impose his way of making levels.
-Moderator do not impose his way of revewing levels.
-Moderator can delete a review that he think is unfair.
-If moderator is making a "levels contest" its by its own initiative as a user and not a mod.

05/21/2017 03:43 am
pouetpu :

Moderator jobs consist of :

-Get rid of users creating fake account to spam levels with low reviews
-Warn new users to not rate levels based on difficculty.
-Warn users using inadequate language.
-Warn users spamming comments with external link.
-Warn users who are creating or constantly creating fight.
-Ban user who dont listen warnings.
-Dirrectly ban users using inadequate content in levels (back grounds image).
-Moderator (and Admin) have the "LAST WORD"....

05/21/2017 03:42 am
pouetpu :

Moderator can :

-Move levels to any sections.
-Delete review/votes and comments.
-Moderator can permantly ban user or give timed bans.
-Moderator can unban users banned by the anti"double accounts" by mistake.
-Moderators can see reports.
-Moderator cannot directly delete levels or mass delete level (when banning) but can edit then or move them to spam

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