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Yeah you may see that I don't post levels much often but when I post them, the waiting time is worth due to hard work!
I'm accepting XAT avatar and profile banner requests.

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Thank you all for adding me! I now reached the 400 F/F's mark. This means a lot to me! :D

Click here for my new SMF2 custom background album. Make sure to credit me while using one of them. More new backgrounds coming soon!

Status : Lord of the 7s

Age : 16
Location : In a world of multicolored Marios! *_*
Levels : 167
Rates : 10389
Website : http://mariomaster7771.weebly.com
Fans/Friends : 441

Favorite level makers : (complete list)

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07/23/2014 12:02 am
Josh worley :

hes consecrates a mop

07/22/2014 08:20 am
Gamingkoopa1 :

he might hate the new update

07/19/2014 07:32 pm
Editor:_Teije(TCEM||) :

The reason is he likes to eat toast so let him eat that

07/19/2014 07:32 pm
Editor:_Teije(TCEM||) :

- He has A LIFE
actual everyone has a "life"
if you don't then your dead
that was a very illogical thingy

07/19/2014 05:15 am
Mario236 :

7 is still ded..........

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