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<> Leftoverture

<> Where The Streets Have No Name 170,000x

<> The Day The Music Died 200,000x [or 200,000+]

<> Mysterious Ways 15,000x [Complete]

<> Leftoverture 10,000x [Complete]

<> Carry on My Wayward Son 20,000x

<> Tomorrow Never Knows 10,000x

<> The Joshua Tree 10,000y

<> Achtung Baby 30,000x

<> Helter Skelter! 15,000x

<> Stairway To Heaven 10,000x

<> The Fortunate Son 15,000x

<> Dust In The Wind 18,000x

<> Sunday Bloody Sunday 20,000x

<> Achtung! [Finale] 100,000x

Holiday Levels Of 2015

<> The Shining 60,000x

<> New Year's Day 100,000x

<> Jolly Train Adventure 80,000x

<> Old York 100,000x

<> Atom Bomb Avenue 75,000x

<> Nukaton Street 50,000x

<> Enclave Boulevard 25,000x

Where The Streets Have No Names
170,000/170,000 [COMPLETE, NOW FOR SCENERY]

♛~ Best levels: 103

★~ Good levels: 5

☠~ Spam levels:0

Main Theme
[Where The Streets Have No Name]

Welcome Theme

Journey Music

[Easy] Journey Music

[Medium] Journey Music

[Hard] Journey Music

[Extreme] Journey Music

Milestone Music

Motivation Music

50K Complete Theme

100k Complete Theme

Final Boss Theme/ Final Sprint To Victory

Winners Songs

Half Victory Theme

Full Level Victory Theme!

Secret Ending Success

Rest Well Hero

The Quest Is Not Done Yet

Prepare For The Sequel

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Age : 5/5
Location : Where The Streets Have No Name
Levels : 110
Rates : 859
Website : Google Chrome
Fans/Friends : 146

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Creation Knight
Derpy Hooves

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