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I will be at xat, but that's all you can expect

oh da link to my levels if some peoplez want to play them My levels
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Start by Dutchbag(Editor:_Teije) » Fri Sep 26, 2014 7:42 am

Okay this is a clan where we make levels with a lot of game-play.
We're not doing stupid classy jump walk levels:p
Each part needs to add a lot of game-play like climbing,swimming,flying with the cape,star run,ect.
We're mostly doing SMF2, but when we do SMF1, then we could use the koopa glitch and the star.

all level also request tons of backtrack/puzzling.
Be sure to make your part hard challenging cuz we're not nubs:p


Tag-1 (The Library)
goes like
Me 0-1500×
GL4 and me 1500×-3000×
GW 3000×-4500×
Q22 4500×-6000×
Pop 6000×-7500×

Note to level makers/raters on PG:

The most important factor of "your level" is the game-play, there also other factors like scenery and the music you use... but again game-play is the MAIN thing, you can't make a boring uncreative level only based on scenery and design, maybe the level looks nice in the editor but when you actual play it you will realize it's all boring....

So what's the point
always try to be creative with the game-play
don't just make a "jump-walk-woopaaa-HUEEE-level!!!!"
try to add a great creative monster-placement, also puzzling would be great, puzzles are a great way to be original. backtracking could be used too.

Extreme dif levels are mostly more creative because they use the NEED puzzles and challenge, however this doesn't mean easy/classic level can't be creative, just be sure to be creative..

and why would you recycle ideas Nintendo already used.
I'm not saying classic levels are bad, just besure that classic level request creative and unique challenge either.
don't just make a boring jump-walk-woopaaHUEElevel!!!!

"don't recycle"
get it?

So when you add the creative ideas (the game-play ideas) which should always be tested.
While you test the level you could change something about it if something in the game-play doesn't feel right( like to much monsters at a point./blind jumps./shortcut/roofskips./ect)

Ways to get creative challenge:
(you should get the ideas by yourself, but whateva..)
adding ,waters ,climbing walls , power ups.
Maybe you think power ups are just power ups
and they always make the level easier.
that isn't true, you can use them in a puzzling and challenging way. (like you have to kill a monster with the fire flower.or you have to fly upstairs with the cape. getting the mushroom to brick a brick)

Also you raters nowadays rate ways to much on tiling like i said game-play is everything.

Also stop overusing the P-switch challenge,most of you overuse this. there is much more,and we wont like to see the same P-switch challenge over and over again.

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12/17/2014 01:11 pm
LightSage1331 :

don't forget to rate my newest level, teije.


12/17/2014 11:55 am
Editor:_Teije(TCEM||) :

and i shouldn't forget to rate..

12/16/2014 11:01 am
felipe de farias :

The Christmas Begins Here; Can You Play and Rate my New Level?


12/14/2014 04:43 am
Editor:_Teije(TCEM||) :


12/13/2014 03:59 pm
Multi :

Yeah! Back again with another installment of Urban Ultimacy for SMF1! Please review and rate it! :>


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