Pkmn Trainer Jake profile

0-1000 ME
1000-2000 LORD J
2000-3000 MARIO BLIGHT
3000-4180 vacant
To people in my tag use this email
BTW i dont have an email this is my bros

Status : Gotta Catch Them All

Age : 11
Location : Im bored here
Levels : 89
Rates : 1258
Website : i will stay though
Fans/Friends : 132

Favorite level makers : (complete list)


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07/28/2015 12:18 pm
InsaneSanic :

ill like to join the tag, but what is it (grass, castle, airship etc)

07/27/2015 02:36 pm
cobra1 :

Super Luigi World 4-3 has been posted :D tanks have invaded the forgotten forest and are now polluting all life Luigi sees all the trees turn dark and die help him get to the head tank and stop the pollution. plz rate and review thanks :)

SLW 4-3

07/23/2015 03:06 pm
Pkmn trainer Jake :

im getting bored on here i will consider my future after tag and froggie is too inactive to be in

07/23/2015 03:01 pm
Pkmn trainer Jake :

its been a month since a brand new level please play

07/22/2015 11:10 am
Bruno Cristian Rocha :

check my new music Pokémon buddy (:D

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