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0-1000 ME
1000-2000 LORD J
2000-3000 MARIO BLIGHT
3000-4180 FROGGIE
Tributes will be given to people taking part

To people in my tag use this email
BTW i dont have an email this is my bros
guys guess what a super special level is here my birthday special a big improvement over my delayed level last year and it has great scenery im going for 35 reviews so please rate this super duper level

Status : Gotta Catch Them All

Age : 11
Location : Somewhere perhaps playing on a video game of some sort
Levels : 88
Rates : 1251
Website : mods rule everywhere :)
Fans/Friends : 131

Favorite level makers : (complete list)


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07/04/2015 02:38 pm
09dhowell :

The final 2 PG 2014 Award Tributes ARE HERE! With an overworld level in Super Pop Flash and an very tough volcano level in Super Axew Flash. Please Review/Rate both! :D

Harmonious Hillside - Mario Blight Tribute
Modern Madness - BRENDANT98 Tribute

07/03/2015 05:05 pm
Foxy :

Hello, everyone! I have created a new level, which is called "The Grassland Castle; Battle of the Sprites Upgraded Red Des!" The level link is below. Please rate/review!
Please enjoy this level! It is my 19th Level upload!
~Foxy, SMF1 Level Creator

07/02/2015 07:46 am
Osman2001 :

4-4 is out! play it pls.

06/30/2015 06:23 pm
Foxy :

Hello, everyone!
I have a special level for all to play! It's an upgraded version of my first level called, "The Rise!" This is an upgraded version. Make sure to read the description! Here is the link you will need to get there:
Please rate/review, and enjoy my latest level!
~Foxy, SMF1 Level Creator

06/29/2015 11:11 pm
Foxy :

Hello, everyone!
I have uploaded a new level called, "The Icy Underground Stronghold: Toad Flash; Read Description!" This is one of my best levels, because I upgraded it. Please enjoy! Here are the links you will need:
Super Toad Flash:
Please rate/review, and enjoy this level!
~Foxy, SMF1 Level Creator

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