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Status : Pokemon Trainer

Age : 10
Location : Pokemon Training
Levels : 74
Rates : 906
Website : youtube
Fans/Friends : 107

Favorite level makers : (complete list)


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11/22/2014 02:09 pm
Markeyruiz97 :

After a very very long time since my last level post my 50th level has been posted, say hello the Editor:_Teije and Markey tag , It took a lot of work to finish my part so mind if you throw in a rate/review?

11/22/2014 01:53 pm
09dhowell :

SMWR2 World Temple Turmoil IS HERE! A wonderfully unique themed additional course after World 3 with a nice CBG and Custom Music. Please Review/Rate! :D
SMWR2 World Temple Turmoil

11/22/2014 01:30 pm
cr8torGalaxy16 :

I added you, add me back!:)


11/22/2014 01:32 am
Popthatcorn14 :

I'm NOW hosting a 25 Person Mega Tag. All are welcomed to join, but be sure to follow all the rules!

Theme: Night
Level Size: 75,000x
1-25 will do 3,000x.
Please be sure to include the way you want to contact me, or you might not be able to participate!

View ALL stuff here:
You can enter here or tell me on my profile IF you want to join.

11/21/2014 04:10 pm
Orangetack :

World 1-4 is here, please rate/review!
World 1-4 Perilous Passage

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